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Hunting in Transdanubia with Pannonhunting!

Red dir hunting

Red deer hunting is the pinnacle of hunting experiences in Hungary. Red deer are mostly hunted during their mating season, in roaring, the hunting season of which begins on September 1, but the roaring itself starts very differently (depending on the areas). In such cases, the deer 's cautious behavior changes, listening only to its ancient instincts, which many hunters who skillfully handle the bass horn can experience.

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Wild boar hunting

Wild boar hunting is the most popular among hunters in Hungary. His ambush or scout hunt is the most beautiful in the lunar world. The most popular way is winter pig driving. The hunt is organized over a large area, with a large number of hunters, many drivers and dogs. No other game can be shot in a pig drive, the place is colored by a few foxes and golden jackals.

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Roe hunting

Deer hunting in Hungary starts on April 15. Most of our guests choose this period, when they can get the best deer rifles. From a hunting point of view, the operating period, which lasts from the 3rd of July to the middle of August, offers a special experience. The deer is called by a whistle, which creates a special atmosphere for hunting.


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Mouflon hunting

Mouflon hunting in Hungary starts on September 1, the most spectacular is the October-November operating period, but the special atmosphere of the snowy, winter forest scout hunts also gives lifelong memories. DIY is rarely possible due to the mountainous terrain. Mouflon hunting from high altitudes is also uncertain.

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Fallow deer hunting

The fallow deer hunt begins in Hungary on the first day of October, when the forests saying goodbye to the summer parade in their most magnificent colors and show their most beautiful faces. This is when the puppies' peculiar, constantly snoring-like, heart-warming dissection sounds. There is a good chance of hunting for excited bulls almost all day during the time of dissection.

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Pheasant hunting

Pheasant hunting begins in Hungary in the first days of October. A popular hunt for groups of 3-8 people is bushing. With two or three escorts, game pickers and well-working vizslas, suitable canal banks, bushes, reeds and forest strips can be hunted down with beautiful results.

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